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Atlas Kids Snowshoe

The Atlas kids snowshoe combined a simple-to-use kids binding with a plastic deck spoke to Atlas DNA. Kids can put the snowshoe on by themselves, traction is great and the snowflake pattern left on the snow is fun.  All at a price that parents loved.
Creating very low cost kids binding that was easy to attach even in icy conditions but wouldn't come off as kids played in the snow.  The deck also had to provide traction, be durable and maintain an Atlas look.  
All the important elements of Atlas' best binding were distilled until only the most basic functions remained.  Then the design was fine-tuned for kids through numerous field trials until the perfect balance was achieved.  
The deck was constructed from a single plastic mold that incorporated visual design and all the important functional elements such as traction.  Function, simplicity and low cost in fun package. 
Primary Project Role:  Senior Design Engineer
"These lightweight snowshoes proved very adept at keeping youngsters atop the snow and frustration free."
- GearFinder
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