Primary Services

Project framing including; problem/ opportunity identification, benchmarking, market

analysis, user profiles and

use mode analysis.

Concept generation and refinement.  Individual or team based approach.

In-house FDM 3D Printing and tool shop for fast design iterations.

Test plan development, consumer field testing & lab testing consultation.








Material & Coating

Project appropriate documentation including; 3-D CAD, Drawings, BOMs and reports.

Part and tooling estimations, vendor

price quotation, negotiation and costed BOMs.

Domestic and international vendor introductions.

Selection recommendations for materials, process, coatings and graphic applications.

The mountains have always been my second home. As a life-long resort and backcountry skier I have a deep network of personal friends here. As a ski instructor I have relationships with mountain guides and fellow professional instructors.
Water captivated me early in life. Beginning as a whitewater boater my connections have grown from that community and now include sea kayakers and rafters. The addition of fly-fishing to my river activities has brought me close to guides and other fishermen.
I've traveled many trails across the globe and made many friends along the way. My network includes everyone from long distance hikers to casual weekenders. My work with bike packs has brought me close to the MTB community. Years as a snowshoe designer have connected me with every part of that sport.
For this we'll just say that I know people. Everyone camps. Some of us do it in a van near our favorite trail and others in a bivy high on a ledge. I know more campers, hard-core or casual, than I can count.
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Explore new opportunities in a category.
Take an existing product to the next level.
Prove that your concept is what users want.
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