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The MSR Guardian Purifier is truly one of the most innovative pieces of gear to enter the outdoor market.  Before its launch in 2015 there were no products that could easily and reliably remove all harmful pathogens from dirty water (purifiers).  
The technology is the result of 7+ years of military funded research.  The design team's biggest challenge was transitioning the product from a piece of military equipment to a consumer product.  
The two most important design features are the dirty water return and the pressure relief valve (PRV).  Combined they eliminate all regular maintenance common with prior designs.  The PRV controls flow through the filter allowing a small percentage of water to constantly flush the system.  The constant flushing cleans the filter with every pump stroke.  The dirty water return takes the contaminated flush stream far away from the user making the process simple and intuitive.  
Primary Project Role:  Design Team Lead, Category Director
Select Awards:  Backpacker - Editor's Choice, Men's Journal - Gear of the Year

MSR Guardian Purifier

"This could be the last water filter you'll ever buy." 
-Backpacker Magazine
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