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The award winning design combines industry leading traction and deck technologies with the introduction of the patented flexing tail.  Tubbs is now the leading snowshoe in Europe primarily because of this design. 
A plastic decked snowshoe was entirely new to the Tubbs team.  Problems such as; cold temperature cracking and stress whitening of the plastic arose almost daily.  Additionally the team was required, by management, to launch all 6 SKUs at once so timing was very tight.
The tail of the snowshoe flexes as the user steps forward (heel strike) and this reduces knee strain.  In deep snow the tail is still stiff enough to provide adequate flotation.  Other design elements include curved traction rails to keep the snowshoes from sliding forward or backward and a joint at the binding that allows different color front and back but more importantly reduces the total number of tools required.
Primary Project Role:  Senior Design Engineer
Select Awards:  Outside Magazine - Gear of the Year

Tubbs Flex Snowshoes

"The [FLEX] Alp simply outperformed every other all-purpose snowshoe in the test”
-Outside Magazine
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