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Platypus Women's Hydration Packs

In a market saturated with over-featured products Platypus Hydration introduced what mattered most to female riders - fit.  These pack set the standard for how a women's MTB pack should fit.
In a market swarming with hydration packs Platypus needed something to set itself apart.  Anatomical fit among women's packs was lacking in the marketplace.  Getting the fit perfect was difficult because of the wide variety of body shapes.
Instead of the "shrink it, pink it" approach commonly used to design women's products Platypus looked to a team of women to perfect the fit.  A former lingerie designer was brought onboard and paired with a group of female riders that had varying body types.  The intense measurement and fitting sessions that followed resulted in one of the best fitting women's MTB packs on the market.
Add to the mix some powerful graphic and industrial design and women had a pack they wanted to put on and were happy they did.
Primary Project Role:  Design Team Lead, Product Manager
"The ergonomic pack shape and shoulder straps suit a women’s body perfectly.”
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