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The Aspect Snowshoe was the first snowshoe to combine spring-style binding suspension (Atlas Spring Loaded Suspension or SLS) with industry leading perimeter traction.   The user is rewarded with a comfortable gait, via the SLS, but doesn't sacrifice grip in icy conditions. 
The Atlas SLS works using the oval snowshoe frame as a spring.  A vertical rail, which is the most efficient traction element, does not act well as a spring. The design team needed to incorporate a spring for the suspension and a mostly vertical traction rail.
The Atlas frame is divided into two halves.  The forward is composed of a tubular element that creates a spring for the SLS.  The aft element uses a "P" shaped cross-section that provides optimal traction and some structure.  The joint between the two sections provides a convenient location to attach the suspension.
Primary Project Role:  Senior Design Engineer
Select Awards:  Outside Magazine - Gear of the Year

Atlas Aspect Snowshoe

"A true backcountry snowshoe that felt comfortable in all conditions including hard pack, ice, and steep ascents."
-Gear Instituite
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