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The TrailShot sets the standard for compact water treatment.  Other solutions require laying down to drink or first filling a separate container.  The TrailShot filters directly into any container, drink tube or directly into the mouth.  
Several basic solutions existed in the market already.  They are basically filter cartridges with simple fitting.  The challenge was to improve the functionality of these systems but keep price and weight reasonable.
The design incorporates a simple pumping mechanism along with a cap that interfaces with most containers or drink tubes. The inlet hose allows the user to easily access the water source.  Water can be filtered in a single step rather than filling an intermediate container first.  The pump can also be shared since it will fill most containers and doesn't require suction with could contaminate the mouth piece.
Primary Project Role:  Product Manager
Select Awards:  Outdoor - Winner 2016

MSR TrailShot Pocket-Sized Water Filter

"The unit fits perfectly in the side pouches of all of my backpacks, making it a clutch “always in the bag” piece for day-long adventures and longer.”
-Gear Junkie
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